Are your importing items paying the appropriate Customs duties and/or taxes?

Are you taking full advantage of available free or reduced duty programs? 

Are your shipments getting the "GREEN LANE" priority treatment necessary to
speed your products to market?

Christian L. Bustamante LCB is dedicated to helping your business succeed!



Whether you are looking to import general merchandise or perishables products,  Christian L. Bustamante  is ready to help guide you through the industry's best practices.

Over 25 years of operational experience in many of the leading industries: Textiles and Apparel, Medical, Industrial, Tobacco, Food, Beverage, Health and Beauty among others. Tailored import programs to best suit your everyday business demands. 

Allow our Customs Solutions to help your business TODAY.




Speed up your Cargo Customs Releases with our ePRE-CLEARANCE cargo processing .  Christian L. Bustamante can consolidate all your Customs transactions (CF3461 / CF7501 / CF7512 / CF214 / ISF 10+2 Drawbacks / Reconciliation ) into one compliant import program.

As your partner in the trade, stay in compliance with our in-house Customs advisory support on product tariff classifications, PGA listing and product codes.  We help build your Harmonized Tariff Schedule databases for improved compliance controls and your peace of mind. From Air, Ocean
to Border Crossing we are your solution for all your international trade.




Expertise you can trust!  We make it easy for you to comply with Customs' mandated ISF Filing Regulation. With the need to transmit each ISF filing at least 24 hours prior to loading goods onto an ocean laden container, Christian L. Bustamante offers flexible ISF auto filing as well as self filing options for better controls. 

File your own Importer Security Filing via our automated ACE system today and ask how to get your ISF Progress Report for your own compliance benchmarking!