Did you Know?


You could pay Customs duties in (45) days vs the traditional (10) working days



There exists a cost advantage when using a
Foreign Trade Zone when shipping foreign to foreign cargo


What would it mean for your company if you could pay your applicable Customs duties every (45) days via an electronic bank draft versus the traditional (10) working days? 
More days with cash in your pocket could translate to capitalizing on added business opportunities in the future. PROLOGIX can help secure your own ACH account for a
Periodic Monthly Statement. Where all your month's Customs duties are consolidated
into one convenient monthly duty bill. Call us today to apply for your own payer account and enjoy the seamless process of paying your duties electronically and efficiently.


Foreign Trade Zones have many advantages that can help grow your business. 
Such advantages include duty exemptions on re-exports of merchandise & Duty Deferral option on import merchandise that move in and out of the Zone. Foreign Trade Zones remain as an effective solution to managing foreign to foreign cargo that arrive into the U.S.. Reduce your overall operational costs with the consolidation of Customs transactions
and brokerage fees. FTZs also help maximize savings by consolidating Customs' Merchandise Processing Fees, charged at 0.3464% of the value of the shipment,
with a maximum of $485 per entry.

ISF Penalties are $5000 per entry,  are you compliant?


You could track all your ISF filings for 100% compliance

CBP announced the enforcement period to the Importer's Security Filing on July 2013. Monetary penalties start at $5000 for failure to file an ISF, filing late, incomplete and/or inaccurately transmission of an ISF filing.  While there is no official Importer Security Filing Customs Form, there does exists (10) official Security Data Elements that make up each ISF Filing. All ISF Filings are the responsibility of the importer yet may be transmitted by a 3rd party. Call us today to help you get started on your very own ISF WEB PORTAL while also track your compliance rate.

Are you 100% compliant with your ISF filings requirements. Take advantage today and review your official ISF Progress Report in order to gauge your overall compliance. ISF Progress Reports offers a one month snapshot of importers' ISF overall compliance rate. From the rejection error messages to submission volume, down to the timeliness performance of all your filings, review your submission history today! 
PROLOGIX offers this complimentary feature to ensure you remain compliant with all Regulatory and Customs requirements.

You could import goods even if you are not a citizen and/or resident of the country


You can import merchandise without the need of a broker

Have International business you like to conduct but are not sure because you are not a resident of the United States, No problem!  PROLOGIX can help you get started with a Customs Assigned Foreign Importer Number.  Enjoy the same import privileges of a US resident without the need to establish residency in the United States.  Whether you are seeking to sell on DDP or DDU sales terms, we are your solution to your Customs and Logistics obstacles.



You can import personal effects and/or personal non commercial goods not valued over $5000 without the need of a Customs Broker.  We are committed to becoming your single source for all necessary logistics services. Call us today to find out more how you could clear your own cargo.