Suite of Logistics Services

Your Personalized Logistics Solutions to meet your everyday business needs.
Allow one of our subject matter experts guide you through the rigorous challenges of international trade and regulatory roadblocks


Customs Solutions

Import Specialists are ready to Speed your Products to Market. Electronic Customs transactions across the United States & abroad, PROLOGIX is your single source solution for all your international declarations.


Global Forwarding

Whether you seek to send a small parcel or large volume shipments by air, by ocean, over the road or even by foot across any land border, PROLOGIX is your one stop shop for all your international shipping needs across the globe.


Trade Compliance

Stay in compliance with PROLOGIX comprehensive Importer Assessment support. Your partner for all Trade and Regulatory issues.  Supporting to advance your business, always on the right path.


Warehouse / Distribution

Cargo Inventory Management Services for improved efficiency
and real cost saving benefits. Personalized warehousing and distribution cargo solutions.  Cross docking and consolidation services.